So with Christmas only a few months away now you can set up your own payment plans with us to help spread the cost. You still pay the same amount but you do need to pay it off within 8 weeks.
Here’s an example of how it will work- 
Firstly you just pop us over a message with your order, let’s pretend this comes to £120
You pay a £20 (Non refundable deposit) 
- with £100 balance remaining you decide how you want to split these payments. Either £30 £30 £40
£25 x 4 or £10x 10 payments 
I will set up the necessary amount of slots with your name on in a drop down menu under the listing “payment plans” you can check out with these at any time you like. 
As soon as the final payment has been made your order will be in the queue to be made. I may cut your order in advance after the second from last payment to keep this aside ready for the final payment so it maybe a slightly quicker turnaround than our usual one 😀
I hope this helps people for Christmas 
All payment plans over £100 will receive a Christmas goody bag aswell 🎄🎄❤️❤️
Please note that deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. If you fail to pay any payments off within the 8 weeks I will not be required to return the deposit to you- fabrics, supplies, admin time will have already been accounted for and spent. 

Payment plans

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