hi everyone, thanks for visiting my website! 

my name is madeline (maddie) i am 30 years old from essex. 

these are my two beautiful children annabelle and solomon.

i started trendy street in 2016 after my maternity leave ended.i started off buying and selling little clothes and shoes but i was not feeding my creative llama. i started practising with a tiny hobbycraft machine my mum had bought me one christmas and i never even imagined i would be making the things i am now!

(i even had to facetime my sister to ask how to wind a bobbin!)

Meet the maker

i borrowed money off my lovely partner shaun to buy a better sewing machine and started making bloomers, skirts and leggings. i realised quickly that i really enjoyed it so took the plunge and bought my first overlocker. there was no looking back after that and i taught myself over the course of about 6 months how to perfect rompers, leggings, harems etc.. i also bought a further 2 overlockers and a coverstitch machine and my dining room quickly became a fabric mecca. i am so proud of how far ive come being self taught and im very excited for what the future holds!

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Trrendy street 2018